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Code of Conduct

Parents/Guardians/pupils agree to:

Help their children follow the safest route to and from pick-up points if unaccompanied.

Remind children how to behave in a safe caring manner

Sit down as quickly as possible and stay seated.

Never open a door on the bus, except in an emergency.

Never throw anything out of the bus. Don’t distract the driver by bad behaviour, including shouting, and the use foul words on our bus.

Treat the driver with respect & consideration and follow any instructions he gives.

Take care of the bus and do no damage.

Your parents will be liable for any damage caused and if the bus company reports the matter to the police it may result in a prosecution


School Bus Drivers agree to:

Follow the route and timetable stopping at all stops as requested.

Report any instances of misbehaviour.

If needed, as a last resort assistance from bus company staff, the school or the police.

Eviction of the student(s) if needed.

Check for any damage after each journey and report any found to the company office.

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